New online casinos innovations

The world of online poker was tipped on its head in January 2010 when Full Tilt Poker released Rush Poker. It was probably, the biggest breakthrough since the game was put online. Instead of confining players to a single table, it placed players in a pool of other players. When you fold, the game seats you at a new table, to play against the players there. This speeds up the game, making it more exciting as you do not have to wait for rounds you aren’t involved in to finish. It also makes reading players difficult as you can’t see how they played their previous hands.

Another online innovation, is the availability and production of how to videos. Online resources have made it easier to learn than in a traditional casino setting. And in an effort to draw new members to their sites online casinos are pumping out educational resources. While on the subject, another innovation for learning and mastering the various forms of gambling are bet free games. They offer you the ability to play in an online casino environment without the financial heartache that typical comes with not knowing what one is doing.

Live dealer online casinos, are as close as it gets, to the real thing in your living room. If the pseudorandom number generators are a bit too pseudo for you, live a comfortable life of scepticism and have real humans deal you cards and stream them over the internet. You can play blackjack, poker, roulette really anything offered in a conventional casino. The cards are dealt by beautiful woman filled with high definition cameras, if that means anything to you. Most sites, include a feature which allows you to record your footage so you can study how you played.